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Debut album Spiral Bound out now

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Rhythms Magazine

Ernest Aines

Spiral Bound

"The myth is that it was rock’n’roll that brought revolution to the youngsters of the 1960s, but the truth is it was folk music, and it’s folk music in all its contemporary variations, embracing as it does everything from Americana to string music that still presents us with the deeper truths of our lives, and Aines is a true contemporary master of the form"
"From spare to sumptuous, delicate to anthemic, Spiral Bound deserves to be heard. Aines may be Australian but he has created something universal, borderless and timeless."
M.G. Smith.


Live Review

 Green Note, UK

Mention an “Australian folk hero” and most folk will name Ned Kelly but tonight it’s Ernest Aines who gets the accolades.
Aines has been hoovering up the superlatives in his native land...
D.Chalfen. Feb.2024

Post To Wire



"imagery on an impressive scale while the song itself spreads its wings as a hypnotic blues and folk mantra, built on foot-stomping, heavily rhythmic percussion and guitars that spiral and howl.
Aines has an emotive vocal delivery that, on this song, sits somewhere between Iron and Wine, Ray LaMontagne and The Black Keys."
Doubtful Sounds.
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