Ernest Aines is a new-wave-old-folk-singer-songwriter from Melbourne. His songs range from lore type storytelling and personal discovery to wistful ramblings.

Ernest has just released his debut EP, "Already Found" to a sold out launch in  2019 in Melbourne and is now continuing to write and record new songs and videos.  


He paints a vivid tapestry with his refined lyricism,  beautiful fingerpicking style and his search beyond the formulaic and derivative. His melodies are riddled with understated complexity, sounds disengage the listeners' defences and deliver messages straight to the heart.


He's a Melbourne based singer/songwriter with an affinity for story telling. Over the past few years he has travelled to New Zealand, Japan, the USA, Canada, Germany and Brazil taking on a bigger music scene and playing various types of events and gigs. He has been on the bill at festivals including The Westernport Festival 2019, The St Kilda Festival (several years), Folk Rhythm and Life and The Apollo Bay Festival.


Ernest has earned accolades for his songs from a broad spectrum of listeners -  as he plays on the streets crowds gather into the hundreds. He has also won the Apollo Bay Young Songwriter Competition and was runner up at The Cygnet Folk Festival 2019, a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and the Melbourne Songwriting Competition.

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