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Ernest is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter with an affinity for story-telling.
"If you like Matt Corby, you will enjoy what’s going on here." (Vulturemagazine)
"Great vocal melodies here" (Dom Alessio, Triple J.)

Ernest performs for events and weddings. Recently he flew to Kuala Lumpur to play for a large wedding reception and has also played in Canada, Japan, Germany and Brazil , taking on a bigger scene and busking, gigging,  and presenting  a Design Thinking songwriting workshop in Brazil for kids. He has also taught guitar to large groups of primary aged children who needed music in their lives.
Ernest also plays small intimate gigs at wineries, in forests, in cathedrals, shearing sheds, paddocks, restaurants, on stages big and small.
 His renditions of his own and other songwriters songs are delivered with love and  

often leave the listener with a fresh understanding of the lyrics or a feeling that the song was a message to them at that time in their life.

Ernest's debut EP launch was held in July 2019 at the Wesley Anne in Northcote -  jam packed with an enthusiastic audience. His next gig at Compass Pizza was for subscribers to the website only and again it was packed. So onwards and upwards as he explores gig concepts that will be a fitting and comfortable experience for the listener. 

Ernest has played at various festivals such as the Brunswick Festival, Folk, Rhythm and Life, the St. Kilda Festival, the Westernport Festival and The Apollo Bay Festival (where he  won the Young Songwriter Award).

Songwriting is not about competition, but to work out where his songs stood in the craft stakes, he entered them as an exercise in getting much-needed feedback and his songs went on to reach the top echelons of the International Songwriting Competition and the Melbourne Songwriting Competition.

Ernest paints a vivid tapestry with his quirky and imaginative lyricism eg. "you wiped away my love, you are a glass of turpentine".  One review says he writes with "unusual and catchy lyrics and has a sweet and dreamy voice that echoes the likes of Bon Iver and Gotye". (Tonedeaf)

His fascination for folk music has been a huge influence his own style and has lead to his interesting and beautiful  melodic choices. Early on in his career his songs were recorded in a pop/rock style, but he found that he needed to go back to his roots to capture his intention for the songs and their messages and to really be able to get their stories over, so he treads the  Folk path. His sophisticated and elegant fingerstyle guitar playing led to him being invited to represent Ian Yates' amazingly beautiful handmade acoustic guitars, built at Monsalvat in Melbourne. Check out the videos on here to hear him play these extraordinary instruments!