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Canadian Press:
The SBS Studio Top 10 Of 2023:  
#07 – Ernest Aines – Spiral Bound

"From the moment we heard his voice, we knew Ernest Aines was something special.


This remarkable dude from down under  helped secure some serious recognition & accolades for the singer/songwriters out there this year.  Aines wrote a phenomenal set of songs into his debut album called Spiral Bound, and ever since the man has been floating his material out there around the internet, he’s received nothing but justified praise and a whole lot of invites to play his music live all over the globe.  


Spiral Bound was an exquisite adventure into a set-list filled with humble material that was brilliantly written from beginning to end, and it completely revealed the captivating gift that Ernest has for making music no one could take their ears off of.  Definitely deserving of a spot in our top ten of 2023 – I have the feeling we won’t be alone in recognizing the incredible songwriting & sound of Ernest Aines this year.


Read the full review on Ernest Aines’ Spiral Bound at sleepingbagstudios by clicking here.

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