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Already Found EP Blast off! Blog 5.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The launch went so well, it was absolutely packed. I played 9 songs all together and two of them I was accompanied by a brilliant virtuoso violinist, Christine, from the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, who I met while busking. I will put video of the songs up on my YouTube channel. She was amazing and really gave the songs another dimension. I did "Yellowstone" with my father, Steve Romig, pictured below and that was great. Next time I will get my sisters in on the act! I was delighted that my wonderful luthier mentor, Ian Yates, who has so generously sponsored me with two of his gorgeous handmade guitars, was there too. The inner sleeve of the CD shows the beautiful wood on the guitar he made, pictured below. Did I say how packed out it was?! After my two last smaller gigs were packed I was a tad nervous about filling this room - about 150 capacity. But it all worked out fine. The interview and playing live on radio beforehand helped to advertise it as well. My Mr Moto poster campaign was a bit late off the mark but anyway the posters will be up for a few more weeks. Picture below. I have excellent pro video coming from the gig - it just needs to be put together, but other bits are floating around on Instagram etc. Now to organise my East Coast tour in October and a couple of great local gigs in summer at choice places - possibly outdoors in a beautiful forest or river? Sound good?

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