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Fairfield Amphitheatre success Blog 6

Updated: Jun 20

Firstly, I hope you're all doing well. For some these days have been mighty stressful and I'm happy that at least all this isolation looks as though it's been worthwhile and we've all done our bit to save lives (I guess that makes us all heroes in one way or another).

Just wanted to mention the great event that was "Sounds of Revival" and boy, has nature had a chance to breath a sigh of relief around the world lately! A tremendous silver lining... So we had a great show at the Fairfield Amphitheater as a fundraiser for a koala shelter that's helping to restore health to animals around Raymond Island.

The lineup was me, Sam Lawrence and Indyana, along with very special guests, the Newlands Choir. Here are some photos from the evening.

It was perfect - 21 degrees with no breeze and barely a cloud. Here is the 3 acts doing a song together, it was Marvin Gaye's "Falling in love" with Indyana and me on the 'shoo bops'.

Indyana performing an original that incorporated looping her viola, it was wonderful.

Video link to a song performed by Indyana and myself


The bats flew overhead at 6pm on the dot during a song of mine which was quite flattering... More live video to be posted on my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=31972275

Much love to you all! Warm wishes, Ernest

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