• Ernest Aines

Seasons. Blog 3

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

My song "Seasons" is being released at the start of Autumn. It is now live on Itunes and Apple Musi and Spotify .

It is a song about the confusion of dating and not getting a response and it really shook me. Next month I will release the whole EP and I am about to set up a pre-order campaign for it. Stay tuned for a launch date and further gigs. I hope to get some festival bookings in the coming year - so would love to know if you can recommend any good festivals for my folky style! This song made quite an impression on my trip to Canada last year - Irish folk singer extraordinaire, Foy Vance, let me tag along with him to The Vancouver Folk Festival and I was pretty happy that he asked me to play Seasons for him a second time for him and his friends on the beach. He reckoned it was the best song he had heard at the festival. So that really made my day! Ernestly Yours xx

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