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How to release a single.

I have learnt a lot over the past few months! So here is my outline of some of the key steps.

Musicians need to get into the internet further to reach people who will stream their song and engage with it in some way, which will start the ball rolling in all sorts of ways.

In brief if you have to do 6 things before the release they are:

1. Create a plan with all the things you need before the release. Make a timeline table of all the things you need to do including mixing and mastering the song, making the video/s, taking the photos, loading to Spotify, making Social media banners etc...

Break that down in a day by day plan as each of those things have multiple steps and in my experience everything takes much longer than you think. This plan will grow and get rejigged along the way, that is fine, but making it will help you understand the lead time you need ( start at least 6 weeks before release).

2. Double check your song is registered with APRA or your Performing Rights Association (PRA) in your country. This will help track it and protect your rights to the song.

3. Upload to your distributor and you will get various codes generated in the process - make a note of these in a table as you will nee to input them later on. I use Tunecore which sends my song out to Apple Music, Amazon music, iTunes and many more.

4. Update your Press Kit (EPK). Edit your artist Bio to include details about the new single. Include a brief description of the creative process or your source of inspiration or something interesting about the song, or its production. Add your new photos for the cover art and to highlight the release of your single on your website, social media banners and posts. Provide links to all your social media and website plus your streaming link for the song (I use Soundcloud- it is free and everyone knows how to use it). Take a look at my press kit - I use Sonicbids and I also have a Google Drive folder that holds the Bio, a One Sheet ( short form with links preferred by radio) and the mp3, the video, and folders with sized images to make it easy for press to quickly grab content. I find they tend to take it straight from the press release, including the image, so make it good!

5. Create suitable visuals to complement your single Create your posts and banners for Pre-save, Coming soon! and Out Now! in all their various sizes. This can take longer than expected! I use Canva Pro which has all the sizes and lots of templates. Additionally, plan your music video and complete its production before you begin your marketing campaign. Decide on the theme, logistics, script, screenplay, release date and promotional plan for your music video. Your music video should have an elaborate promotional plan of its own. However, make sure all your marketing materials are consistent and seamlessly tie in with the brand.

6. Keep the momentum of your release going Once your single is released, keep the momentum going. Announce adds on Spotify playlists or press mentions on your social media, both posts and stories. Boost posts on Facebook if you need to reach your followers there as the current reach is small without boosting.

Consider releasing another single or the EP or album, while the impression of your single is still warm .. You can also capitalize on your single’s success by seeking more press coverage, booking gigs at popular venues and maybe looking for sponsorship opportunities. Be proactive and use the period after the release to your advantage.

Each single release will grow your fan base if you put strategies behind it and let the ripples form. Don't just let it drop and expect that people will discover it because it is so good. You have to work out how you can either do it yourself, get someone to help you, or hire help. You need to reach people who will stream the song and engage with it in some way -how can you entice fans to share and comment?

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Let me know if you are interested in any insights or have hints about releasing a song!

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