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"So Far" So Good! Blog 8

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Last week I released my new Americana song "So Far" and premiered it on my Youtube channel.

The video was filmed at a little old mining village in country Victoria. There were a few bumps along the way - we had tried to connect with Sovereign Hill at Ballarat but got no answer so we went on a bit further into Victoria to Maldon, a small gold mining era town where a gorgeous replica village has been erected. "Porcupine Village" was perfect, it had an old bowling alley, a funeral parlour, a barber shop, a saloon, a general store, a sheriff's office and a great streetscape. The spaghetti western theme was what immediately came to mind for both the director and me when we put our heads together. I add a couple of screenshots below. In a matter of a few days, it has been viewed several thousand times, so I am happy about that!

It isn't easy to get reviews being an Indie musician with no record label or promotional budget behind me, so I was delighted and surprised to get this review comparing me to Jonny Lang, who is one of my favourite all round musicians. ( Look him up, amazing voice and excellent guitar skills).

Review of So Far from Ear to the Ground Music

Fans of blues rooted Americana will find a lot to like with the music of Ernest Aines. The

expressive songwriting style finds itself deeply entrenched in a timeless blues rock

tradition. The lead vocal is particularly strong on this track. The melody, bass line, and

overall groove of the track are outstanding. It reminds me a little of when I first heard the

iconic guitarist Jonny Lang just ripping through the guts of blues music (in a good way).

Aines has that kind of raw, murky, blunt-driving-force of momentum in his writing. It

plods; it pushes; it’s music with soul and depth. Ultimately, it’s worth feeling the soulful

depth of this bluesy Americana.

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